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Kurtz Art Studio Inc. is proud to present:

ClausKids.com is an immersive website dedicated to the holiday spirit and the bringing together of family and friends. Children will be able to visit Santa’s North Pole and spend hours exploring the main story-line alongside their new best friends, Star and Rudy. With their help, and the help of all of the colorful North Pole characters, they can save Christmas!

ClausKids.com [The making of a 'new' Christmas Story | KurtzArtStudio]


iPad owners can now take the magic of the North Pole with them wherever they go! For more info, click here.


Rudy, the little reindeer, is every bit as cute and adorable as he looks.  Living at the North Pole, where all his fellow reindeer are much bigger, causes this small animal to have great ambitions. Hoping to be recognized as a valuable member of the “Reindeer Brigade,” he will do anything he can to impress.  Luckily he has his best friend, Star, to help him through his adventures. 


Star is a girl elf and Rudy’s best friend. With her eight-year-old wisdom, she has taken on the role of the responsible one. With her friendly and dependable personality, she is a friend anyone would be proud to have.


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